Mika Singh’s happy time in Ajmer and Pushkar

Ace singer Mika Singh, who has lent his voice to numerous popular Bollywood tracks like Aankh Marey, Rani Tu Main Raja, Milegi Milegi and more is seemingly having a good time in Ajmer. The singer didn’t land rather he travelled via train. The 440 Volt singer shared stories on his Instagram as he travelled in Shatabdi to Ajmer. Following which he took an auto from Ajmer Railway Station to Ajmer Dargah Shariff. The singer used a medical face mask to cover his face from being recognized. Singh was even seen saying in one of his stories ‘Jigra chahiye Jigra’.

The fun for the singer didn’t end here. He next drove to Pushkar, where he prayed at Pushkar Lake and then rode on a bike in the narrow lanes of Pushkar. He shared about how his trip has been fun from flight to train to auto to the bike.

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