Bombay Jayashri and Nooran sisters to perform at Sacred Pushkar

The sacred ghats of Pushkar will again come alive with soulful music performances, healing therapies, yoga, guided meditation, interesting workshops, food trails and curated heritage walks in timeless Pushkar. The fourth edition of Sacred Pushkar is back on October 12-14 to combine the spiritualness of Pushkar with divinity through the ageless enchantment of music: poignant, vibrant and celestial.

With evocative music at the centre of this experiential getaway, the Festival will feature headline performances by award-winning vocalist and composer, Bombay Jayashri and Nooran Sisters, a Sufi singing duo from Sham Chaurasia gharana of Classical music.

The Sacred Pushkar will provide an opportunity to appreciate and assimilate Pushkar’s diverse religious, architectural, culinary and handicraft heritage: the spectacular ghats, the delectable fare of organic food and the vibrant handicrafts created by local artisans. With a thoroughly invigorating and engaging programme, the Festival offers an experience of Pushkar like never-before.

In the past Khailash Kher, Daler Mehandi, Wadali Brothers, The Soil, Bhawani Shankar and more have performed at the Festival. The sacred Pushkar is organised by Teamwork in association with Rajasthan Tourism