How well you know about Ajmer?

Food is the synonym for our city Ajmer. Where ever you go, one thing that you will find everywhere is …the food joints. From breakfast with kachoris to ending the day with the street food at Naya Bazaar, that’s how we Ajmeris relish our food. No matter where in the world you go but nothing can compare to the street food we get here. We have prepared a quiz for the food lovers in Ajmer, let see how much you know about the food in your city.

Take a screenshot of the result and tag us in your story with #thecitycolum and #IloveAjmer.


#1. Famous kachori wala in Ajmer

#2. The best vada pav wala in Ajmer is at…..

#3. Ajmer’s famous sweet dish is….?

#4. Pushkar’s famous food is……

#5. Best coffee joint in Ajmer is….

#6. You can get famous lassi at…


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