8 funny characters you can find at every gym

Losing weight, working out, cardiovascular exercises, strength training, aerobics… If you think these were the only reasons for people visiting gyms, you may be in for a surprise! There are some who visit these fitness zones to relax, socialise or just to see what everyone else is doing. And there are others who are simply confused about what to do and also make it difficult for others to work out.

1. The grunters

uggggghhhh!! The sound says it all… Not the sounds of weights falling on the gym floor, but people grunting as they pump iron and scaring the other people trying to exercise around them. These are the most popular ones as you can spot them most in any gym.

2. Oh, my makeup!

None of the health clubs is spared from those women, who just cannot enter the gym area without their makeup on. Some even go to gym washroom to put their makeup on and check if their winged eyeliner is perfect or their lip-shade is matching with their gym clothes.

3. Stare for a potential partner

You can easily find the kind of people who like to stare at every gym member. There are also those who are looking for potential partners and try to impress them.

4. Impress the opposite sex

Every gym has this guy who would say ‘I can’t do it’ after a set or two, but as soon as they spot a girl entering the gym area, they start grunting while doing more repetitions of the same exercise.

5. ‘Bhai video bana de’

Gym selfies are passe. The new trend is the gymming videos! Now, these people go to their gym-mates or trainers and ask to make their videos while they exercise. So that they can post the same on their social media later.

7. Social butterfly or gossip queen

No, they have nothing to do with the gym or exercises. They are the social aunties or may be uncles, and all they want to do is look around and check what others are doing. They want to talk to everyone around and later, gossip with them about others and about them with others.

8. Treadmill is my love

And these people joined a gym so that they can stick to a treadmill and listen to their favourite songs on their phone with headphones on. They don’t hog from machines to machines, they hog from treadmill to treadmill and have got nothing to do with other things in the gym.