Beer, yoga, or both?

‘Netflix and chill’ is now cliched, beer and wine yoga is doing the rounds. We asked experts if it makes sense to sip while you hold some asanas.

While one way to rejuvenate the body and release stress is the practice of yoga, the other is to have a chilled beer or a glass of wine. What happens when you combine the two? Sounds a little bizarre, right? Beer or wine yoga is the new fitness trend doing the rounds on social media. The trend has emerged from the West and features videos of people practicing yoga while sipping on wine or beer. Fitness experts tell us if beer yoga and wine workouts are an actual fitness trend or just a fad.

‘Sounds quite ridiculous’

Celebrity yoga trainer Abhishek Sharma believes that such trends keep coming up but do not stay for long. “To me, it sounds quite ridiculous. Such trends keep coming from the West and do not stay long because they certainly do no good to your health. Power yoga and hot yoga stayed because they were useful for people but the other yoga practices like beer or wine make no sense,” shared Sharma. “Earlier, when trainers used to teach yoga, they asked people to quit smoking or boozing. However, now there are no such rigid rules but still you should avoid having anything three hours prior to the practice. Drinking beer at the same time is weird,” he added.

The trainer adds that practicing yoga also requires a lot of concentration. “While practicing yoga, you need to be alert, you need to be aware. If you are intoxicated, you won’t be able to concentrate. These kinds of yoga are just for fun. If you want to try it, you can do it once or twice but for regular practice, I will not suggest this,” he said.

Why add calories while you burn some?

Dietitian Aditi Mehrotra thinks it is one of the most bizarre ideas. “This idea has very little scientific backing or valid reasoning. Beer is alcohol. A gram of alcohol gives 7 kcals vis-a-vis a gram of carb or protein, which is just 4 calories per gram. So adding more calories while you burn it makes no sense at all.” She further explained, “Such yoga rehabs offers are trending on social media as a way to attract and incline more people towards joining yoga. But what incentive is beer or wine with yoga,” she questioned.

Would you visit a temple after drinking?

A yoga instructor, Arvind Singh Sajwan rejected the idea as outrightly blasphemous. “Yoga in our country is considered to be spiritual and it has a history attached to it. I find this practice disgusting! Do you go to a temple after boozing? Nobody does, because that is disrespectful and incorporating any kind of alcohol with yoga disrespects the practice,” expressed Arvind Singh Sajwan, yoga instructor. “Besides, if we drink alcohol while performing yoga, it will make us feel heavy and restrain our bodies from performing the asanas properly. I won’t recommend this health-wise too, as it makes you play with your own health,” he added.