This Dreamy & Luxurious Farmhouse in Pushkar Fits Everyone’s Budget

2 BHK Farmhouse

No young life, in Ajmer, is lit without a trip to Pushkar. This place has been a hit hang-out zone among the people since forever. But COVID-19 has changed the game for us! The lockdown compelled us to sit at home for months doing nothing. We couldn’t meet our friends, go out with the family or enjoy an outing. We all secretly wished about owning a farmhouse where we could go with our family or friends to party or chill without worrying about going to public places and getting the disease. However, buying a farmhouse is just a dream for many of us since it never fits our budget. 

But that’s not the case anymore, Maniratnam Jewellers are coming up with Gold Stone Farms, luxurious farm houses that fit our dream and pocket. Anubhav Soni, founder, Gold Stone Farms felt the need of a hang-out place and decided to build luxury farmhouses in Pushkar. “I am fond of going out for dinner with my family or spending time with my friends. But when coronavirus hit our country, we had this fear of going out in public places, especially in a group or with your family,” he shared. “I thought that there would be many people who would be thinking like me, and that’s when the seed of building a farmhouse with all the amenities planted in my mind,” he added. 

Soon after the lockdown was lifted, Gold Stone Farms started shaping into reality. “I wanted it to be a place where everyone could be at ease and enjoy whether they are a kid or an adult. So, we created a layout design that has something for everyone; spacious rooms, modern kitchen, kids pool and adult pool, it has it all. We are making it luxurious,” said Anubhav.

The best part about these farmhouses are not just luxury, but their price that fits everyone’s pocket. Gold Stone Farms has three different farmhouses; 1-Room Luxurious Farmhouse for ₹ 13 lakhs, 1 BHK Luxurious Farmhouse for ₹ 18 lakhs and 2 BHK Luxurious Farmhouse for ₹ 28 lakhs. 


  • 1-room farmhouse – Huge garden sit-out
  • 1 BHK farmhouse – an adult pool and garden sit-out
  • 2 BHK farmhouse – an adult pool, a kids pool and garden sit-out. 

Apart from these, there will be a separate kids play area (common). 

Gold Stone Farms is located in Bhaghwanpura, Pushkar. For more details or to arrange a site visit, you can reach at +91 8640-088888/8769878991

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