Ajmer residents helping needy amid COVID-19 outbreak

The outbreak of COVID-19 has shaken the entire world. Most of the countries are on lockdown, including India. Ever since the nationwide lockdown in India was announced, the reports of poor people and daily wage labour are suffering has surfaced across the nation. However, the alarming situation has compelled many people to come forward and help the needy.

One such initiative is taken by Ajmer city residents, Yashwant Sharma, director, Shri Bhagwati Machines Pvt Ltd; Sushil Verma, proprietor, Maniratnam Jewellers; and Prakash Tolwani, proprietor, Lalchand Gyanchand. Together they have donated 4000 Kg of flour to feed the needy.

Ajmer Sarafa Sangh is also providing food to all those who are in need. “If you or anyone around you requires food or any other essential commodity, please contact us as we will be there to help them,” informed Sangh president, Ashok Bindal and secretary, Sushil Verma.

Please contact 9928396969, 9414003026, 8649099999 for help or if you want to be associated with the cause. It doesn’t take much to be kind. Help as many people you can!

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