Meet the Potato-man of Pushkar, Aloo Baba

We all have heard many weird stories, but this one is my personal favourite. A 70-year-old plus man living in a Shiva Temple located on the outskirts of Pushkar eats only potatoes. Yes! Aloo Baba (fondly called by this name) has been eating only aloos (potatoes) for the past 45 years. Sounds crazy! His real name is Chandangiri Baba, who has been living in Pushkar for over 45 years. When he first came here, there were no roads in the town.

“I meditate, and in order to control my life, I have to rely on eating only a kind of fruit. However, when I first came here, there was absolutely nothing, forget getting a fruit to eat. So, I decided to eat potatoes, and since then I am eating only potatoes,” shared Aloo Baba with the Inside Real.

Aloo Baba relies on boiled potatoes and water for his survival. Now, even the temple area is called by the name of Aloo Baba. A video posted by Inside Real on their YouTube account.

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