Pushkar is Imtiaz’s favorite place, but Ajmer media pissed him

Imtiaz Ali along with his brother Sajid Ali and Laila Majnu actors, Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri visited Ajmer Sharif to seek the blessing of almighty for their upcoming film on Friday. However, while addressing the city media, a few reporters asked Imitiaz about why is he in the city, and which film is he promoting (unaware about the film Laila Majnu, which marks his brother’s directorial debut, and written and produced by Imtiaz ). Not just that a few even assumed that he is the director of the film, all this irked the acclaimed filmmaker.

Pushkar is Imtiaz’s favorite place in Rajasthan and the kind of vibe he gets there is different from all other cities of the desert state. “I really like Pushkar because it’s really peaceful. It’s just amazing when you sit near Pushkar Raj,” said Imtiaz. Even his younger brother is fond of Pushkar. Sajid Ali has not been to many cities in Rajasthan, and it was his third visit to Rajasthan. However, Sajid’s really close friend stays in Ajmer, and thus, he likes visiting Pushkar.