Rajmata Krishna Kumari’s life story: A tribute

Rajmata Krishna Kumari of Marwar, Jodhpur passed away at the age of 92 on Monday leaving hollowness in the lives of people of Jodhpur. Despite not being well for a long time, Rajmata often called ladies from the city to check if everything is going well in her city. She never turned down anyone who sought help from her, in fact, she always tried her ways to help as many people as she can. However, Rajmata herself has faced many difficulties in life.

She was born on February 10, 1926, in the royal family of Dhangadhara, Gujarat. Krishna Kumari married then prince of Jodhpur royal family, Hanwat Singh, who later become the king. They tied know in 1943 when Krishna Kumari was just 17. The royal couple had 3 kids— Chandresh Kumari, Shailesh Kumari and Gaj Singh. But the happy marriage soon turned upside down when her husband got married again to Sandra McBryde (later called as Maharani Sundra Devi) in 1948 and Zubeida, who was later called as Maharani Vidya Devi in 1950. Before she could handle herself, her husband Maharah Hanwant Singh died in an aeroplane crash in 1952. Krishna Kumari was just 26 at that time, and she had to take the responsibility of her family when the royal family was already going hard times post Independence. She sent her son, Gaj Singh to abroad for studies and also took care of her stepson, Hukum Singh aka Tutu Bana, who was born to Zubeida.

In 1971, Krishna Kumari was elected as Member of Legislative Assembly. During her election rally, she motivated women to come to leave the tradition of staying in a veil. She also witnessed the 5 generation of the royal family; her father-in-law Umaid Singh, husband Hanwat Singh, son Gaj Singh, grandson Shivraj Singh and great-grandson Siraj Deo Singh.