Savitri Temple: A journey down the memory lane

We all have somewhere in our lives thought of leaving Ajmer and go to a metro city to live a better life and get a good job. We had this notion that our city has nothing! But trust me after spending a good number of years away from my city, I realized what it means to me and how much I am proud of it. We, Ajmerites are lucky to belong to a place that is not only historically rich but sacred too. Ajmer is called as the Holy City of Rajasthan because of Pushkar and Dargah Sharif.

Pushkar, a place that can bring a lot of nostalgia; bunking schools and colleges and landing to Pushkar ;). Pushkar is surrounded by beautiful mountains and one of them is Ratnagiri, where enraged Goddess Savitri reached after a fight with her husband, Lord Brahma. I remember going to Savitri Temple once and getting scared to climb the never ending stairs! Thankfully they have a ropeway now and we don’t have to climb those extreme stairs anymore. But the view you get from the top of the hill is breathtaking. Not to miss the road that takes you to the temple narrow, surrounded by deserted land with just a few trees and if you take that road when it’s raining, nothing can beat that view! Feel aa jaati hai 😀

What has always amazed me is the story of the temple. Once Brahma ji performed yagna at Pushkar and Savitri mata wasn’t able to reach on time then Brahma ji had to perform yagna with a local girl Gayatri, who became his second wife. Agitated by his husband’s act Savitri mata climbed to the top of Ratnagiri. However, to fix things an agreement was made that Savitri mata will always be worshiped before Gayatri mata and the tradition still continues. Both Goddesses idols are placed in Savitri temple but first aarti is always performed Savitri mata‘s idol.