Are we really safe in Ajmer? An open letter to all the city girls!

So, I was coming from a friend’s house around 9 PM in a car. I was alone and driving and since the road was quite empty, I was at a speed of around 55-65 km/ph. Suddenly, three guys (pretty young) took a U-turn quiet abruptly and if I didn’t push my breaks to a great extent, they would have smashed in my car. 

So with my sudden rise of anger, I open the window of my car and shouted “marne ka shauk hai kya?” (Do you wish to die). To which they replied “haan hai” (yes we do). I ignored them and kept driving. Suddenly, the rider overtook my car and stopped in the middle of the road (near Vaishali petrol pump). I stopped my car, he came to me and said, “kya boli tu”. I was shocked and scared at the same time, but I didn’t let it reflect, I said “marne ka shauk hai kya” to which he replied, ladki hai toh kuch bhi bolegi, while his friends were stopping him. I said “ladki hai samne toh kese bhi gaadi chalaega kya?”. He started hurling me with abuses (ma behan ki gaaliyan) and obviously I replied him with same as I am no saint! 

But before that, I was smart enough to reverse my car and take a turn to avoid these people. I stopped at a police station and waited for them but they never came. 

However, my take home lesson from this was that you can’t say anything to people because you are a girl, and you can’t go out post 9 pm. 

I come from a all girls family, I have never been stopped or told that girls should do this and they can’t do this. I have worked as journalist in Jaipur and have often came home by 12-1 am. But suddenly people started lecturing me that you are a girl and you should be home by 8-8:30. 

But I am still thinking, is this really okay? Are we girls, really safe in this city? What era are we living in? 

Asking all the girls for their opinion, and experience on the same. Please let us know in the comment section. 

1 thought on “Are we really safe in Ajmer? An open letter to all the city girls!

  1. Gosh!! Man !! Proof of badly raised man in the society they would have been drunk too!! Anyways, this could have happened at 8 :00 pm too at an empty road.

    Did you read vehicle number? let’s s find them and teach them a lesson together

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